Monday, February 27, 2012

Roschester, Minnesota

Remember the concert I told you I was going to this weekend?
Well, it was in Roschester, Minnesota. About 6 hours away!

The drive was nice and relaxing

Here are some pictures of the trip

Lovely scenes while driving

My love took this cool pic

We stayed at the Kahler Grand Hotel

How cool is this door & carpet?

We explored the creppy lower level that reminded me of the
first episode of

"The Walking Dead"

We also explored more.... this time outside :)

Forward to the night

"Atmosphere" was super cool
The crowed was really energized
and the show overall
was amazing, worth the trip :)

A real great night

The next morning the clouds came out to play

We went thrifting and stopped by two antique shops

Some dresses I tried on

Bought this dress
 I am going to try to take it
in a bit, but I really like it

1st antique shop

We had to be careful because the isles were so full


Trying on some glasses
Didn't get I am thinking I should of....

2nd antique shop

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. lovely photos, i'm a huge fan of antique stores, i'm always seraching for new ones here in Porto :)

  2. Wow, road-trips are great. And these photos are a delight. I'm consuming them like candy. :)

  3. wow this makes me so excited for some reason ! all the vintage trinkets i think

  4. I love your funky bohemian style! =)

  5. the pictures are beautiful and i really like the dress you bought!


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