Friday, February 24, 2012

Instant Memories

I'm excited for the weekend
My love and I have a few things planned out....
one of them is going to a concert!
It feels like a long time since I've seen a show with him
I think Sade was the last one....I think...

I will try to take pictures :)

Here are a few instagram pictures I would like to share with you
of my life

I used to love these ring pops when I was little girl and obviously, I still do


Vintage Chanel perfume bottle



New Chanel perfume bottle


Yummy lentil soup

Love this color


Looks like this

Pretty carpet

Lovely tunes



Antique Market, which has
lots of pretty vintage items





Imagine wearing that top leopard jacket and laying
on the leopard pattern carpet!

Photo shoot!


Looking through a book of antique bottles
These bottles were shaped like coffins
Guess what they carried inside
Yes, poison
Very crazy


Loving these two Miu Miu shoes
One day a will have a pair.......



A special pancake for my love



Have a great weekend
Thanks for stopping by


  1. AHHH! The Antique mall freaks me out a bit! So many stuffed things! We should go thrifting soon!

  2. great pics!! Love the Chanel perfume :)
    mil besos!.

  3. Lovely pics. Do enjoy your weekend.

  4. I have just been flooded with memories upon sight of your ring pop haha. Great snippets here!

  5. the first is my fave ring since i was a child!


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