Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Louis Vuitton Travel Sights


TRAVEL by iartfashion

How amazing was the Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter Show?
I really enjoyed the whole show, not only the beautiful clothes, but
the dream like visuals of the train, music and idea of pass travel stories.

I know the clothes are not appropriate for the warm weather ahead, but it's the
image, idea, the way Marc Jacobs and his team made the show a piece of art

Here is a quick poem that was inspired by the show

Sole Movement

Current adventurous run in the spear
The clever moment that shattered all her tears
Morning rises and she whispers to the snow
All the emotions she once heard in her soul
Only the though of him
lingers in her heart

He is far away and she is nowhere near
She travels the steps once taken with him
How brave of her to know her own strenght

Many buried smiles she weeds slowing ahead
Garden of secrets and letters
Trees with feathers and olive songs
She knows her happiness will
grow in her sleep
The next days clear emotions washed her path
To a new lover that handled out his hand

Check out the video above and let me know your thoughts.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Hoard Antiques

Yesterday was a sunny and warm day...
Today is chilly and raining outside, can't put my light jackets away yet!

Let's talk about yesterday.....
I went out for lunch to eat and walk by the lake with my lovely
sister and mother

In the evening my love and I went to eat and browse an antique shop called
"Hoard Antiques"
How suiting for us :)

Here are some pictures

I gave this picture a painting effect :)

I can't believe my phone caught the mushroom juice coming off my panini!!!

(Sorry for blurry phone pictures)

Find Bozo

I don't know why I though this mannequin looked so real....
too much "Twilight Zone"

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Swimsuit Overload

It's so warm and breezy today
These past days have been filled with sunny skies and cool nights
I can't help, but to think of the days when we 
are going to start going to the beach!

My goal for this summer is find a few vintage inspired

Which swimsuit is your favorite?
I can't decide :)

(All pictures found on tumblr)

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vanity Day Dreaming

Vanity Day Dreaming

Vanity Day Dreaming by iartfashion featuring vanity mirrors

Yes, day dreaming about the perfect vanity again :)
Today my love and I headed to a vintage shop
and found a vintage vanity that was so beautiful, but
it not have enough room for my items.
I need more storage room.

The search continues....

Hope you are having a great weekend

Friday, March 16, 2012

1925 Picture Painting

Hello Friends,
just wanted to share with you a small clip of
the painting I did for the
"Now you see it, Now you don't"
art show coming in April

Hope you enjoy!

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Hope you have a great weekend

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vintage Chicago

As I mentioned on Monday's post,
on the weekend I attended some
vintage shops, estate sale and one resale shop that it's in a garage.

Here are some pictures :)

Antique Mall
on the North Side of Chicago

Love this place, I can browse for hours


Very pretty dress

Vintage dresses!

Matching shoes with purse


Cute purse

Vintage Shop

"Night and Day Vintage"

I was looking for some cat eye glasses, but no luck

Sorry for the blurry pictures

Resale Shop
inside a garage :)

"Good Deal Garage"

Little more Audrey


So many chairs!


Estate Sale Time

I know you can't tell from the pictures, but
this estate sale was madness
So many people, so many items

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