Friday, March 16, 2012

1925 Picture Painting

Hello Friends,
just wanted to share with you a small clip of
the painting I did for the
"Now you see it, Now you don't"
art show coming in April

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by

Hope you have a great weekend


  1. amazing!!! you are very talented Sweetie.

  2. awesome post as always dear! loving your blog :)

  3. How exciting to watch art in action! And the final result is beautiful. You have impressive painting skills.

  4. Brilliant! Love the painting and how colourful was the result! x

  5. Hello darling.why are you so talented and creative?gosh,i so adore your blog the moment i found it on blogsphere.And you know what?.I just hit the follow button on gfc and bloglovin,so that i can see your future post and read them,that's how much i adore your blog. Btw, If you don't mind.Could you please take a visit to my blog and follow me back if u like<3



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