Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Trip To Ireland


Hope I wasn't gone for too long

I wanted to share with you our recent trip to Ireland
Here are a few pictures I hope you will enjoy :)

Flying in the sky!

Going "Into Town"

Being a tourist :)

Stopped at a few vintage shops

We wondered off to what seemed like a flea market of some sort..

Good Food

Some attractions

Modern Art Museum

Soaking in the beauty around me...

Awesome food :)

Guinness Visit

I look so small next to the building :)

Towards our last days in Dublin, we also visited
Wicklow to view The Russborough House


It was a relaxed ride, with great views

Pictures were not allowed inside the house, but it was as beautiful as the

We enjoyed our time in Ireland and the best part was visiting family
We filled up 3 memory cards with pictures!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures

Take Care

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Lost Pictures


Just wanted to share with you some pictures that never made it to 
my blog, for some reason or other

They are mix of goodness :)

Sweet collar

New velvet shoes of course!

Moschino belt I bought while thrifting

I know someone reading this, that does not
like these type of pictures ;) 
You know who you are.....

At an estate sale

At an antique shop

Thanks for stopping by
have a great weekend

See you in about a week with a full batch of
great pictures, they will be great!!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

Antique Shopping in Iowa

Over the weekend my love and I decide to drive to 
Iowa and visit some antique shops
We had such a great time that we stayed over the night
The weekend was so delightful!

Here are some pictures of our weekend trip :)

Our first stop

Left with some goodies

Packed with so many awesome items!

Can you spot anything you like?

Rocks on the floor!


Well don't mind if we do....

This chair was amazing!

So pretty

Vintage dresses!

The co-owner :)

The next day we did some exploring around town....

I love the drive-way to this house

Pleasant Hill School
Still standing....

Casino time...
We had more fun in the walkway then the casino itself

Thanks for stopping by

Have a great weekend