Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We Meet Again....

I am back from a long month of craziness
This month was filled with painting sessions and setting up for two 
open art studios events
At the same time, my love and I were moving to our new home 
I have boxes around me and many things are still awaiting 
to be placed, break time... 
We finally have the computer set up and ready to go

Here are a few pictures I would like to share
Hope you enjoy

At one of the open art studio events

One of my oil paintings

Pretty flowers in our studio, from my sister and cousin 

Picture of a picture 

Thanks again for the pictures Nancy :)

Packing music


My mannequin lost her hair.....and apparently her whole body....  :) 

This is one side of my closet
The summer selection :)
Need a storage system for my shoes
I was thinking shelves?
What do you think?

We will see

Relax time....with my vintage men's blouse, so comfy

Take care!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

1 Year Anniversary

A few days a go I realized that I have forgotten my 1 year 
blog anniversary

1 year in the blog world!
Yay, for surviving :)

Also, my birthday is close by and I think now
is the best time to reflect on my year and see
how I am evolving as a lady, an artist, a human being

The main purpose for my blog is to express my love
for art and incorporate my interest of fashion
Together I believe, is a great combination.
A blog is a great to see my growth 
Let's see what I think of this blog years from now...

Many times I come to wonder if I am doing all the best
I can to achieve my personal goals in life
I am giving all I can to make myself happy?
Do I love myself and other's around me?
I am happy with my life?

I can confidently say "YES"

I am at a very happy moment in my life, 
I enjoy my work, the people around me and what 
I have accomplish to date.

To celebrate, I would like to share my favorite 
outfits of the year

Hope you enjoy them and thanks for your time