Monday, February 13, 2012

Racine, Wisconsin

This weekend my friends, my love and I drove to
Racine, Wisconsin.
Here are some pictures of the day
I hope you enjoy :)

It was so coooold!!

Yes, this COLD!

We browsed inside Nelson's store for a bit :)

How can you not like a little penguin with a bow tie? :)

Antique shop time!

We drove to
"Antique Junction"
1325 Washington Avenue

This shop was great and the owner was super friendly

Cool toaster

This was a great picture that came with the original dress
worn in the picture, very interesting don't you think?

This lovely picture came with the original pin as well!

Yes, looking at more photos of course


Vintage love cards for love day

I tried on this lovely vintage coat and hat

On my next post, I will show you what I bought

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Very nice pictures!!
    Good Luck with your blog. You are a very pretty girl :)

  2. never thought Wisconsin can be so pretty! never been there!


  3. Very cool pics. I love vintage objects.

    And the hat from the 1964 World's Fair in NYC -- I was there! My music school gave a performance in the Pavillion. Cool: we played Beatles songs; Not Cool: I was playing the accordion!

  4. Shybiker- No way, the accordion is cool! Sounds like
    a fun time. Glad I took a picture of it! :)


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