Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inspired Hat Post

Over the weekend I bought a few vintage hats
not as pretty as these lovely hats, but
they are great nonetheless

What hat is your favorite?

Happy 1st of the month!
(all pictures found on tumblr)


  1. All of the hats are so fabulous <3

  2. I really love all of these hats! I really wish I'd lived in the day when a lady would never be without a hat and gloves.

  3. what a fun collection of hats. my favorite is the hat with netting and flowers, although Cher's hat is a close second!

  4. Lovely and inspiring post!
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  5. So inspirational! Love this post :) Thank you!

  6. So gorgeous! I think my favorite's the second to the last flower hat, classic.

    xo Gillie

  7. Wonderful photos, I like them!!! This is such a nice post!

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  8. Choice of hats can really tell a lot about a womans personality right?! Can I choose the bird one for comical relieve?! ;)

    I like the top hat too actually (although I might stick to fedora's and floppy hats in real life)

  9. Beautiful! :)

  10. I love this, the style is so timeless, i love the hats too. And oh my gosh the young cher is so amazing, her eye lashes ( as fake as they were) always inspired the 70's in me!


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