Monday, August 12, 2013

Iowa Pickers

Hello All!

How was your weekend?
During the weekend my love and I decided to head out Iowa for a day

First, on Friday, we went on a date to a small Des Plaines Theater to view
It was being played for the Silent Film Festival
The movie was being shown with a skilled organ player, which was very effective to all
the high points of the movie

The movie "Metropolis" was over 2 hours long and yet some
parts were still missing from the original film

I would say that film is dark, trippy and innovating
There are creep moments that are so intriguing
I caught some people sleeping during the movie, but would
recommend it if you are into silent movies with cool sci fi dark scenes

Saturday we headed to Le Claire, Iowa
We visited the "Antique Archaeology" shop
I was a bit disappointed with the size... somehow I imagine a large
non-ending store full of old treasures, but it was quite small

I did however enjoy the picks they found and displayed
Have to seen the show "American Pickers?"

Well watching some episodes got us interested to see the store front

My love and I took a few pictures that I would like to share
The black and white pictures were taken from him
Here is what appealed to us

You can't really see all the people in this picture, but their were so many cool bikers all around the store

Those faces!

Love this pic

After browsing around we went to eat at
"Crane & Pelican Cafe"

The atmosphere was so awesome
It felt as though we were eating at someones house
Very inviting

My meal

His meal
The potatoes were soooo good

Vegan Pie for the finish :)

Close up of my top

After our small feast we drove to Davenport, Iowa
We did some vintage/resale store shopping
See anything you like?

Art Museum time

It felt like we were the only ones in the museum, which was so cool :)

Look at all the colors

My favorite piece of the day

Matching with art :)

Next to a Roy Lichtenstein print

The small trip was well needed and I had a great time
Here is a link of the last time we visited Iowa,
if you are interested in checking out

Thanks for stopping by!


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