Sunday, August 25, 2013

All Night Flea Market Galore

Hello Friends

Hope you are enjoying your weekend
Weather here in the Midwest in getting quite warm

Last week was my love and I attended our first
"All Night Flea Market"
How awesome is that?
Super awesome

The weather was amazing and I managed to buy some
goodies for myself

Vintage picture overload ahead....

Cute pair

Gerber Handy Baby :)

Lovely color combo

Some call them "creepy" I call them "pretty"

What a beauty

Testing the products :)

or almond milk :)

I wanted to get ALL the salt and peppers shakers 

Well hello!
I should of bought that hat...

Getting dark now...still trucking

Cool live band playing some Stray Cat tunes

These pretty babies didn't fit my feet....

Officially night time

They had a whole room filled with comics and vintage toys

I should of bought this pretty lady too

Super sea of jewelry

Loving the hats on the bridesmaid

Can you name all of them?

I scooped up two of these small compacts that came with
the original lithograph

Poodle pic!

More poodles :)

Overall it was a great night
We finished viewing all the vintage goodness at about 12:00 am, but more and more
people still kept arriving

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  1. there was a drink called black kow? Sounds gross

  2. This looks like paradise, love vintages fairs you can find the best little treasures to decorate your house :)

  3. nice blog :)


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