Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Never Made It

Going through my picture blog folder, I came
across some photos I took in 2012 that never made it in my blog
I had plan to place them in my blog and I would still like to post them
because they have meaning to me
I will be able to look back at them and remember a moment... a time 
in my life, little thoughts come to your mind
when you see a picture

Do you have pictures that never made it in your blog?

Planning to post more men inspired outfits of the day

Also getting into abstract patterns in clothing

Casual times

This picture makes me want to dye my hair again...

Self blurry pictures are becoming my favorite

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  1. I love the androgynous look, you look great! xx

  2. Smart idea to pull these out of storage. They have a quirky appeal.

    I have hundreds of unused photos. For me to get one good picture, I need to take ten bad ones.

  3. Loving these pics! It's always fun finding new "old" pics.

    Alexandra xo

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