Friday, January 18, 2013

A New Art Beginning

Over the pass weeks my thoughts for my art and my surroundings have changed
dramatically... in a good way I sense...
I still have my sad moments of losing my baby...but it's more now like I see
the happiness, the wonder of life, how someone you never pictured in your life
can bring joy and excitement to your life...even if it was for a moment

 I feel like my mind has been cleared, like I have awaken or expanded in a way
I'm not good at writing or expressing my thoughts through words, but here's a try

For a few years now, I have painted vintage images from old photos
They were figurative, full of color, some may say "visually understanding"
I painted what I saw....

I don't feel like painting something in this form anymore
I appreciate that series, but I feel the eager of painting what I feel now...

To be honest, I never really knew how to comprehend abstract art before, I knew
that I enjoyed the compositions or colors, but deep inside I didn't really decipher what I was
seeing, feeling when I viewed the pieces, until recently when I
started writing poems again

I see my art going towards a mix of minimalist/abstract expressionist
I want to strip it all off and bring it back to the basics
I want to create pieces that evoke emotion

The pictures I selected are inspiration for me, especially the last
De Kooning photos, I love the soft colors and strokes of those pieces

I will try to post more of my art as I am making it..... after all that's
why my blog is called "I Art Fashion"

Usually I don't write a lot on my posts, but
this post is important to me
I hope I made sense :)

Have a great weekend



  1. excellent post, I really enjoyed reading it, and it´s a good new that you´re changing in a good way, I hope to see and read more of you art soon!

  2. You do make sense. You're processing deep emotions and developing your artistic expression. I like the direction you're heading in and look forward to seeing your new work.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about all the pain, but that is what I love about art you can let all those different emotions out by creating something, best of luck! x


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