Friday, January 25, 2013

Camera Skills

I really need to learn how to set my camera...
Can you notice how my pants look a different color in the pictures?
Yes, very noticeable :) 
That's why I only have two decent pictures to post because the rest looked crazy!
Anyway...I've been neglecting my brooches lately and decided to take this
lovely brooch out for the day

I know....the random outlet again
I am going to try to take outdoor pictures...maybe...

Hope you have a great weekend

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  1. Great brooch. I sympathize with the outlet-distraction. I have an outlet where I take my pictures and usually edit it out with re-touching software. Enjoy the weekend, buddy.

  2. Such a perfect outfit! Love the color of your pants :)
    Big kiss.

  3. Hi dear! how are you? I hope to see you sooner

  4. Love this amazing jacket! Great outfit.


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