Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pregnancy Outfit of The Day #1

I though it will be fun to post my outfits of the day
and see how they evolved with my belly
Care to join me? :)

-12 weeks, 3 days-

Today is a relaxed day
I found this skirt I bought a while ago and
was going to tailor it because it fit me big, so now
I don't need to alter it
It still doesn't fit, so I place one of my brooches to hold
on and make the skirt fit better

I know blurry... I didn't notice till I uploaded the pictures....sorry

Vintage Glasses- Broadway Antique
Claudio Nucci Blouse- Thrifted
Jonathan Saunders Skirt- Target
Leggings- Forever 21
Joan & David Loafers
Brooch- Estate Sale?

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  1. heyy!! thanks for your comment on my blog!!
    you have a nice blog, I´m your new follower and I wonder if you´d like to follow me back..
    Congratulations for your pregnancy? you look so beautiful, I love your skirt!

    1. Thank you so much! :)
      I will be happy to follow you back
      Looking forward to viewing more of your blog

  2. Adore the ombre skirt! So glad to have found your blog! :) Keeping in touch! hope you'll check out my blog if you get the chance!

    xoxo, Tiffany

    1. Thanks! I will check out your blog, thanks for commenting

  3. I love the outfit! Super cute. Glad to hear you're starting to get over some of those nasty times. This is probably so exciting for you and your love!

  4. Love your skirt!!!! Adorable!!!! Maybe follow each other? let me know:)

  5. Love that skirt! Doing the pregnancy style posts is such a good idea!

    <3 Melissa

    1. Thank you, I can't wait to post more :)

  6. great outift

  7. Hello, I found your blog from a friend and I went to visit! I loved your post and I am going to stay on top of all the news!
    I hope my blog:

    If you want to follow me I'll be very happy! ♥ hugs..
    Instangram @pathyamorinha

    1. I will go check your blog now, thanks for following :)

  8. That skirt is AMAZING! And hello fellow Chicagoan!


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