Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thrift Thoughts # 1

Have you ever seen an item that you liked so much but couldn't afford to get it?
Well I do all the time and what I do is save the image on a folder I call

"Thrift Thoughts"

They are items I wish to find while thrifting or going to vintage shops
I often do find these items but of course they are not the same, but they are very close to
want I wanted and cheaper :)

Here are my thrift thoughts for the week

I would like to find these slipper style shoes for walking around my home
I like the shape of them

Love this

This velvet cape is a dream

Carven sweater for $1,130!
Love the print

Awesome spats
Picture from 

One of my favorite blogs
 You have to check it out 

Talk to you soon :)


  1. That`s actually quite a good idea! Thanks!


  2. Oooohh the kitty slippers are soo cute!

  3. OMG that capppppeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  4. these are perrrfect. love thrifting SO much seriously i'll get a blazer for like $3!



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