Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Random Life Pictures

I am really into instagram lately
and wanted to share some of my random pictures so far
this week

I want these pants....maybe I can make some of my own :)

Beautiful gift from a beautiful person

Late night eating

Ofcourse, I have to sneak in some shoe action

Tried them on and they were so uncomfortable :(

Awesome Jeffrey Campbell shoes
would buy these instead of Litas if I had the $

Hehe...had to try them on...even if they didn't look good with the socks
I had on

Antique store galore

What this

Finally, as I write this...I am on a break from painting these :)

Take care  


  1. LOVE IT


  2. Lovely paintings! And loving all the shoe action!


  3. nice shoes!

    Hope you had a great holiday! Check out my blog today on my review of Sharp Hill Designs ;)

  4. love so much the random post!!

    New outfit post on my blog: I'm waiting for your comment!
    have a great day!


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