Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ride to Joliet

About 2 weeks ago
my love and I drove to Joliet, IL
to stop and wonder off into
 "Big John's Flea Market"
They have so many items, mostly vintage and antique
From the outside the shop does not look big, but
they do carry many items

Here are some pictures I would like to share

So many interesting treasures

I should of got this dress

It was so windy, my hair was all over the place :)

Awesome little critter 

Stopped by to eat and listen to
a live polka band :)

I purchased a beautiful vintage photo album
I am so happy to have found it

(Click on images for a larger view)


  1. this seems a really good one to stop by! hope you get fab treasures ;)

  2. Looks so lovely! I love treasure hunting)


  3. ace!!

    Been looking through your blog an i think you'll love vintage
    WE have just recently launcehd a new website selling affordable vintage clothes.

    The site is

  4. Im a big fan of old photography! This album is great


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