Sunday, November 6, 2011

Marseilles & Ottawa, Illinois

During the weekend my special someone and I, spontaneously decided to take
a drive to Marseilles, IL and ending up also exploring a little
of Ottawa as well
The trip took us to 3 amazing antique stores
I helped myself to some great vintage photos to
add to my collection

Here are a few pictures

First stop "Country at Heart Antiques"

Great items, not many vintage clothing, but they have a few awesome
Victorian dresses and vintage hats
Lots of cool furniture 
Two floors

Flipping through the photos
I found some great ones to take home to paint
Check out the beautiful photo of the man
on the lower left
Definitely a keeper

Cute kitty


Some more exploring

"Hey, let's go down"

"Rural America"

This was a cool cozy place
Furniture, vintage toys and local crafts
Lots to look at

"Grammas's Attic"

You have to stop by this antique store if you ever go to 
Ottawa, IL.
They have 3 floors of great items, modern to antique
If your looking for vintage clothing they don't have a great selection,
but they have a few vintage hats
Many items to view...
I bought a very cool tintype photograph here!

Great trip


* Quick question- Does anyone know how to make my pictures come out
bigger when I post?



  1. I love the old building rustic pictures. Very artistic.


  2. Very nice pictures!!

  3. Lovely photos, and good for inspiration as well.

  4. Love the pics :))


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