Sunday, January 1, 2012

Starting the Year Right

I thought it would be a great idea to start my first post of the year
with a small poem
 and to share 
images from an artist I admire
I feel very positive about what's to come


Your wondering seasons have left me unclear
To the many emotions that filled me with fear
I scattered the textures of your nature to find the answers to my questions
You brought me pale colors that turned into pleasant presents
They are the joy I was seeking
Deep in dreams I feel their presence 
The love so eternal I am not afraid if they fly
They leap with crystal clear eyes
Touching your hugs 
Breathing near your cheeks
Happiness so profound, I forget I need sleep
Thank you for so many memories 
that make me daydream for weeks

Juan Gris

(All pictures found on Tumblr)


  1. Perfect selection of pictures... and a real great start for the new year.

    Have a happy new year 2012...

    Tanja - or via Facebook-Page

  2. I´m here again because i like so much what i find here.
    great post.

  3. I have a poster of the last one on my wall : )



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