Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back To School Is Back.....Long Post Ahead...

The other day my niece was telling me about her school's uniform.
The standard white collar and dark bottoms
No prints, no other color, lots of no's and so on...
I remember when I was in high school we had the weirdest 
uniform and white....
I remember trying my best to wear burgundy, off white and even dying my hair
blue just to look different from all the red around me...hehe.. good times.
Anyway, back to my point, I want to make this post to give some of my tips of spicing up that dull 
uniform you might have to go about in the next months or so.

All of the below samples/pictures can be found on Forever
I choice Forever 21 for samples because, their prices are some what affordable
(Some pieces are for strict uniforms, some are not)

Lets start with tops

It's going to be somewhat warm still, so a cool sleeveless collar shirt
will look awesome, you can even buy one at a thrift store, chop off the sleeves and just sew back the edges
for a crisp look
I love the large front pockets on this shirt

A standard white shirt is a must, a v neck can show off that pretty chest of yours
Add some bangles and a rose lip

Loose shirts are great to tuck in and show of a cute belt

Basic under shirts are essential, make sure you have plenty

For texture, tie your standard collar shirt and drop a long necklace

Find different collar shapes 

Borrow your boyfriends/brother/dads...large collar shirt and then tie the front

Find cute light sweater type shirts
Tights with skirts are adorable

Layering is great, even if it's the same color
Try adding a brooch or sweater clips, I love sweater clips :)

Now to the bottoms...

I learn the harsh way...if a pair of pants fit well, don't be afraid to spend a few more bucks for 
them, these are great and look well fitted

Wear skinny pants, with low heels or converse 
High heels if you are a pro :)
Skinny jeans will look awesome with a solid white shirt

High waisted pants are tricky, if they look great in your shape, 
wear them with a great wrap belt

A dark jean button skirts are cute 

This one too

Try tucking your shirt under your skirt
to let the skirt stand out

Now to shoes and accessories, here is where you can go crazy (hopefully)
These are random items I liked on the site and need no explanation



Flats for a casual look

Anything with a leopard pattern is gorgeous to me


Nice stash pocket, for chapstick?


Pop of color

Again, great for a pop of color

Ok, so I hope you enjoyed these hopefully inspirited tips
(It will be great if you can find these examples at your local thrift store)
Just add a twist of yourself to your schools uniform & just have fun
with your clothes


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